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Project Eleanor underway....

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How am I supposed to be able to get work done when I know I'm picking her up in 5 hours with eleanor racing stripes and tinted windows. I feel like I'm waiting for my new car again!! I'm going to theme it like Eleanor but not exactly because that would be blasphemy! Probably will leave the fog lights where they are but add some PIAA'S down below along with 20" wheels, stripes and side window scoops. Should take me about 12 months to complete. I'll post pics later today of the tint and stripes.

I'm going crazy......:rollgrin:
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What percent tint did you get?
35% all around. It's not legal in VA where I spend most of my time for work but it is legal in NC where my car is registered. :) Only two more hours to go.....ugh.
Make sure you post some pics! How much for the stripes?
Here you go... should have the finished product tomorrow. Looks awesome so far. These guys to awesome work!!!


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Sorry. $600 for the stripes and $200 for tint. Dealership in Charlotte wanted $999 for the stripes alone!! I'll never go have to Dale Jarrett again. I've got a dealer in central VA if anyone needs a great buying experience.
I hate waiting!!! I guess I would rather have them take their time and get it right. It was supposed to be done by the end of the day yesterday... now I have to wait until today EOB. Sucks.
Can't wait to see the finished product myself. I'm down in VA Beach but if your guy is good I might have to make the trip. :bigthumbsup
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