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Pulley Set Questions

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Whats the approximate cost to have Ford put in this pulley set?

Is the warranty effected at all?

Are they worth it?

2005 Mustang GT SFI 2pc Pulley Set Part Number: # 3023-03Price: $229.99from

These all new underdrive pulleys fit the 2005 Mustang GT. Featuring an SFI 18.1 rated dampner pulley and gun drilled water pump pulley. Gains of up to 12RWHP have been seen with these pulleys. Kit includes water pump pulley and one piece SFI rated dampner crank pulley.

Thanks All, Again
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Around $100 I'd guess
No, warranty should be fine (you're actually saving wear!)
I like mine (Steeda) I noticed the car was a bit more 'willing', dyno showed about 7 RWHP

:dunce: have you seen your fuel mileage change at all?:dunce:
Even if it did void the warrant any shop can put the stock ones back on and nobody would notice...

Gas mileage??? Who buys a Mustang GT to save gas.... You should see the big hole in the ozone around my car when I floor it... That's if you can see past all the black smoke from running so rich.
If you can find someone with an impact wrench you can do it yourself. I had to pay my mechanic $50 to do mine because I didn't know anyone else. My pulleys were my first mod and I felt a difference.
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