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pulling out a 5.0

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i am pulling out my 5.0 with a t5 but i dont know the steps. i want to pull it out with the trans.
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what are you pulling it from?, when i pulled mine i just unhooked every thing and pulled till i found something i missed and disconnected it but i wasent keeping the car it came from
1. Drain all fluids.
2. Get yourself some masking tape and a sharpie. Mark any and all wires that you find and pull off. This will help with re-installation.
3. Unbolt your motor mounts and tranny crossmember.
4. Take out the fan shroud, fan, and radiator.
5. Pull er on out!

Have fun with taht.
if you wanna simplify things, instead of disconnecting everywire to the motor just unbolt the harness where it is linked up near the right side back of the engine compartment (at least thats where it was on my SN95). That way all the wires are where there supposed to go to the motor and it makes it alot easier. And i think you might have a problem getting the engine and trans out at the same time. I would just drop the trans off at the bell housing, or just take the bellhousing to the trans off, its really not that bad to do. Also make sure you drop off the exhaust at the manifolds or headers.
If you have a digital camera, just take lots of pictures. And you will need a special tool to disconnect the fuel rail. A Haynes or Clymer manual will also be helpful.
dont forget the ground at the back of the motor and the distributer connector stays with the main engine harness
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