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Purchased a 2017 GT & found it was tuned.

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I recently bought a 2017 mustang gt and it had a mystery tune didn’t find out about it until I went to get new tunes, the tuning company told me I’d need to reflash it back to stock for them to make the new tunes so I took it to a ford dealership and they told me that reflashing could lock my pcm and told me if it did it would be 900 to replace it. Any suggestions on what to do because I wasn’t sure if they were just feeding me bull do I have to spend that just too get new tunes?
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I suppose that is possible, hopefully they were just warning you "just in case" .... it worked with no problem on my 2010 but I don't know if there are new issues in the later models that might cause a problem .... how much did they quote you for the factory tune reflash, assuming it did NOT lock the PCM?
They quoted me $240 to factory reflash which I was okay with but then I left my mustang there and got a call later about it maybe locking my pcm which I was gonna just have them do it anyway but the pcm from them is $900 not including labor or them tuning the new pcm to my mustang so I’m assuming I’d be spending around $1200 just to go back to stock
$240 for less than an hour of time on their diagnostic machine is a total rip off. I wouldn't trust that dealer to change my oil. Shop labor is about $140 an hour anywhere you go. Is this dealer located in Beverly Hills or something?
I'm confused here. Did they or did they not tell you that the PCM is defective? What does maybe the PCM being locked up mean?
Just to flash the PCM back to stock isn't a big deal at all. My suggestion is to get your car out of that dealership ASAP.
That’s exactly what I thought 240 is a lot just to reflash to stock and my current pcm is fine nothing is wrong with it but they said if they reflash that something about doing that could lock the pcm I don’t know alot about the pcm or tuning but I know that’s a rip off, it’s a dealership in Tucson az when they told me that I got out of there to ask this forum what to do
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