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Purchasing a stang

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I was thinkin bout saving up and getting a GT. How would you say the stock performance is. Like does it feel powerful or no? Quick off the line? After riding in my friends Mach 1 i decided that stangs are alot cooler than i had previously thought. So how much would a GT run me in ok condition i see alot on auto trader and the such for under 10g's. Are those normal prices or are they scams. For example some of these:|Q-descending|Z-23116&aff=national|Q-descending|Z-23116&aff=national|Q-descending|Z-23116&aff=national

Sorry for long urls but how are these for purchasing?
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Those look like okay cars though I personally would look at something w/less miles on it.
I'd review Kelly Blue Book prices when comparing. There are tons of Mustangs around for sale. Mach I's have the 32-valve motor same as Cobras and are definately stronger than stock GTs. My advice is to get the best car you can up front, even if it costs a bit more. That might mean low miles and not abused. GT's 1999 & newer have 260hp, or about 225rwhp. I'm 57 and the 96 in my sig is my first Mustang; have a 2nd one waiting for me to go pick up in Chicago this weekend. Look at folk's Galleries for pics.
Don't forget EBay & Deals on Wheels,, your local paper. Good luck. You're in Mechanicsville?
Yeah Mechanicsville. Looks like its time to start savin and hopin for a graduation prez like my bro. so how much will i be lookin at. And i also see 96 cobras for under 10k, but im thinking if i find one for under 10 it will prob have to many miles(under 100k) so should i just stick to 99 and up. Also im going to school to be a mechanic and am looking for a job that can help(work at dominos now). And i dont get out of school till 3:30. Anywhere i should look?
Also how is the reliability? And how much is upkeep? Expensive, Cheap(honda,toyota, etc), Moderate?
A Mustang is a great car , and the reliability is above avg. !

If you do the perventive maintenance , A Mustang will not give you any problems !

As for the performance, your looking at a mid to low 14sec car , if you know how to drag race maybe you can get it into the high 13`s with a stock Stick , well depending where you live ! low altitude helps !

Good luck looking !

thanks for the info i cant wait to get one.
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