Despite their old reputation as weenie and underpowered, electric cars have fully entered the power stage of their existence. In fact, one of the real challenges in preparing the Cobra Jet 1400 for racing was making sure that the motors didn’t overcome the tires, according to Brian Novak of Ford Performance.

The CJ1400, initially, would just spin the tires and it turned out to be because it was simply producing more torque than the Ford Performance guys thought it would. The advantage—and disadvantage—of electric motors is that they're infinitely tunable. So the challenge became finding the sweet spot where power and traction meet.

Learning to find that data meant that Ford could then make intelligent decisions about all of the other parts of the car. Springs rates, shock rates, and other rear suspension considerations, all came out of the need to handle so much torque, so quickly.

The result, as you’ve no doubt seen, is wheelies. Watch the full video, published and produced by Ford Performance, to see how much time and effort went into making the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 so fast.