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Push button start

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I have 1997 GT and I would like to make it push start. I made a control panel with a indicator light, push button and toggle switch.
Does anyone have a wiring diagram or info on how I can hook this up.
My goal is to turn the key on to unlock the steering wheel, flip toggle to turn on power (having idicator light lighting up)then push button to start.
Any and all info would be great. Thanks.
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If interested in getting a service manual and full set of wiring diagrams I maybe able to help. PM if interested.

The wiring diagrams will give you the details needed to interface a push button start. The diagrams will give the connector face and wire colors.

Note, there are multiple gangs inside the ignition switch. So depending upon how you want to start sequence to work will require different wiring interfaces.

Note, there's a difference between a "push to start" vs a "push to crank" (hint "push to crank" is much easier to wire/interface).
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