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Putting a 1993 Mustang Cobra intake on my 1994 Mustang

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What all is needed to do this?
Do I need a new throttle body?
Is the EGR system the same?

I know some modification is needed, I'd just like to know how much trouble it is since I'm about to buy an upper and lower. Thanks.
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not worth the trouble invest in a better quality product
I've got around $400 to spend on my intake.
I would be getting the cobra upper and lower for $300
Any other intakes that would give me more power?
yea others can give you more i got the explorer and ported my lower myself its the same as the cobra but i paid 180 shipped to my house in other word the gt-40/cobra is the best bang for the buck what hp you looking for and future mods?
You can do this, you'll need the inlet air elbow adaptor to get the throttle body in the right position. Other than that, it should be a straight swap. Be a good idea to get a 65mm throttle body to compliment it.
Is it a real Cobra intake? That is, off a real Cobra? Stay away from the chinese cobra reproductions.
Use the Fox Cobra from throttle body, EGR spacer to lower. You'll have to do a throttle cable change and if you have cruise control - that cable will need to be changed also.
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