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Question about my 2000 Mustang V6 convertible differential

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I purchased a 2000 V6 vert, that the previous owner had done some work to. So far I have figured out that he did suspension related work, such as Shocks, spring, ect. Now to my question about the diff:

I see a lot of posts talking about the stock diffs on Mustangs saying that only the right rear wheel has power, and that the left wheel will spin freely. When I make sharp right turns, like into a parking space, my left tire skweals. Does that mean that he replaced the diff to, and if so, what kind of differential would cause that to happen?
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Ok, thanks. I have been trying to figure out what all he had done to it so I can know what to do from there. The more I check into it the more I find he had already done. Maybe I got a better deal than I thought originally. I will do this test tommorow, if it stops raining long enouph.
Would my left tire normally sqweel when I turned a sharp right with an open diff?:headscratch:
I checked everything out and I do have an LSD w/ 4.10 gears. Got lucky that they were on there when I bought it. Bonus!!!:woo:
I guess I got a better deal than I had thought. The previous owner did a lot of the same stuff I was planning to do. Less $$$ I have to spend in the long run. Sweet
To find out I had an LSD I just romped on it in the dirt, got out and had 2 stripes from peel out. To chech the gears I put it up on jacks and marked the tire and the driveshaft. Then I had a friend turn the wheel once turn and counted how many times the driveshaft turned.

this is what I was told:

Easiest way to do it.

Jack the car up, put the rear axle on stands.
Mark a line on the driveshaft, and mark a line on the tire.
By hand, turn the tire one revolution.
Count how many times the mark rotated on the driveshaft, that's your gear ratio.

3.27 stock. You'll most likely have either 3.55's, 3.73's, or 4.10's if they were swapped.

So 3 1/4 turns of the driveshaft in one rotation of the tire = 3.27's
3 1/2 = 3.55'2
3 3/4 = 3.73's
~4 = 4.10's
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I did do a burnout on concrete also. I was just playin around with it. To answer the question about how fast I have had it, about 95mph. That was because I wasn't paying attention. I have been looking for a track somewere around here were I can take it and legally find out what it can do. I just hooked up with a local Mustang Club and they know of Police training track were you can go once a year and take your car. I'll have to go to that. Want to do some more mods first.
LOL I'm not that much of a math wiz. I asked a mechanic and he told me what to do.
Ya this previous Owner saves me a buttload of money, I was checking into things to see what I sould do to it, and severl of the things I planned on doing were already done. I didn't notice the suspension drop at first. After driveing my 2002 Explorer, driving the Stang made me feel like my butt was scraping the deck. A couple of days after I got it, I pulled up to another Mustang at a light and noyices that my mirrors were lower than his, by an 1" or so. So that's when I realized tha my car had already had some work done to it an started checking into what was done. I think I got a hell of a deal, I don't think the dealership know anything had been done to it, I didn't get it at a Ford dealership, I got it at a Nissan Dealership.
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