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Questions about FRPP stingers and Borla stingers

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Im just gonna make a list of question i have about these two mufflers.

1. which is a better value?

2. i live in california, has anyone else who lives here gotten pulled over a lot for the noise level?

2a. Is there a Stinger exhaust i can get that is legal in California?

3. If i get them will i be able to have an exhaust shop make me an X pipe and weld the mufflers on for me?

4. The M-5230-5GT looks like it is at an angle. when installed is it still at an angle?
4a. Is this a "Stinger exhaust" that is drive by legal?
4b. would these fit on a V6?
4c. is there a cheaper similar version for sale?

5. And what is your guys opinion on these

thanks guys
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hey corban as much as i know i believe the frpp and borla stingers are the same thing. and i dont believe you would have to much problem with cops cause you can make your car very quiet when you want to at least i can and i have loudmouths. yes you can have a shop fab a x pipe and just weld them on. should run you around 220 with supplies. the exhaust will fit your v6 just need to cut your bumper. and i dont think they would sell a exhaust thats at a angle it would look like crap in my opinion. i think i covered everything
yes you did. thanks. so far i have found that the Borla are cheaper, which means that will probably be my choice. ;o
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