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Hi All,

First off, This is my first post here. I just got my 1975 cobra out of storage. It has sat for about 3 years. It's got a 302 in it, with a holly 600 4bbl. I know that carborateur is too big for the motor and I"m going to re-jet it.

I did have a few issues that I thought you all could help me with. I think they all stem from storage.

1. The brake pedal is insanely stiff. I'm thinking is has something to do with the booster, but could the brakes just need to be bled out? Maybe a crack in a line somewhere? Fluid level is fine. No brake fluid leaks.

2. When I filled the tank i put a little more than 15 gallons in when I noticed it leaking. I checked out underneath and it seemed to be from where the Filler line came into the tank. Is there a gasket there tha may have went bad? I know that I have teh hose clamps tight, and it appears as though there is a 6 inch metal pipe out the side of the tank. Where that connects to the tank is where it seems to be leaking.

3. Is there anything I should do prior to running it. Again, it has a holley 4bbl 600 cfm carb on a 302. Should I run any carb cleaners, transmission cleaners/sealers, etc. through it? I did change the oil. Planning on doing a radiator flush this weekend.

4. When looking for parts, I often see 67-73 or 79-90. When buying parts, what other years sync up best with the 1975?

If it helps, the car started as a Mach 1. The guy that had it before me took it down to its frame and built it back up into a cobra. Original motor, only has 70k miles on it.

Thanks for the help


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1. Is it stiff with the engine running? Or have you not started it yet? If it's not running, it's going to be stiff without vacuum assist. If it is running, check the hose going to it, then check the rest of your vacuum hoses for leaks. If you don't have vacuum leaks anywhere, then the booster is probably bad.

2. There is a rubber gasket that goes into the side of the tank that the filler pipe goes into, and most V8 cars also have a plastic "auxilliary tank" that holds an extra gallon tucked between the main tank and quarter panel inline that is also prone to leaking.

3. Change the oil, bleed the brakes (changing the fluid out is an even better idea after 3 years), drain the gas and put some fresh fuel in it with some Seafoam or Lucas fuel treatment, charge the battery if you haven't been using a trickle charger, check all other fluids (Power steering, transmission(don't forget to re-check transmission when hot!), differential), flush the coolant (You said you're going to, good!) make sure everything is "right".

4. The Mustang IIs are largely unsupported by the aftermarket. Engine parts are completely interchangeable between other 302s (aside from design changes such as the switch from 28 to 50 oz imbalance in 1982 and the switch to roller cams in 1985), the accessories on IIs weren't unique, mostly carryovers from the previous generation, so the only hard-to-find stuff is non-powertrain. (There are exceptions, look around the forum and you'll find them quickly.)
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