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I have a '65 fastback that has a 351c from a '70 Mustang installed.

To get a cleaner look in the engine bay I want to remove the two hoses leading to the heater. I don't take the car out in the winter, and even if I did the radiant heat from the headers would be more than enough heat :)

I have a few questions though about doing this.

1. I presume I have to create a short loop back between the inlet/outlet on the engine. Correct? I expect just blocking them off would screw up the coolant flow. Will I have to fabricate that or is there something commercially available for that purpose?

2. Will there be residual water in the heater core that would eventually cause problems, like rusting through the core?

3. If so, is there a way to drain the heater core or would I be better off removing it?

If you don't think this is a good idea please explain why.
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