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R3dF!r3 mod's

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I did a few more mods today, finally had some free time. It took like 3 hours to do it all but, here they are.

The rear medallion delete is a temporary solution, I do not know what my final look will be. I did not like the "dominance" of the fake chrome gas filler but, thats only my opinion on my color. Some colors like black, etc, it looks real nice, imo. My fingers have blisters getting off the gunk.

The rear mat had great instructions and I took my time and it went real smooth.

Both the front medallion and rear mat are one off prototypes.

I designed the front one and had a guy build it. I had my local paint shop repaint it, took 3 weeks of "I'm busy" but I picked it up today, it is flawless.

Every Friday there is a local "car show" with mad hot rods at the local Taco Time.
I cruise thru every so often and this time guys were yelling at me to park, even some real sweet 2003 Cobras. I had dinner going and couldn't stop.

When I got home 2 chix in a SUV followed me for who knows how long and asked about it.

I really didn't like that, I mean, they know where I live. =/

Anyways, my last mods for this year are waiting on Kooks Long Tube headers and catted X-pipe to arrive (JimIII?!?) and an interior seat mod I'll post later.

Nothing to do till next spring then, Steeda hood and a twin screw blower.

Then I'm "done" .



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Nice work.. GOOD clean mods that set it off. I have the same color...What have you thought of for stripes? (maybe you haven't) I am thinking a faint translucent look of gray metalic to the point of almost see through. I have an atomized spray cup so it can keep the metalic in suspension. I used to paint a lot of custom vans in the 80's. That see through blend was a big hit with them.... I hate to lay down a sold color with the Redfire. Your thoughts?

Great car.
Honestly, I think stripes look great, maybe better on a Mustang than any other car that usually sports them.

I however, don't want to draw too much attention to my car from afar. My exterior things only stand out if you are close and are looking at the car.
The stripes can be seen for miles, lol.

That said, black or satin silver would look great. I played with the stripe web page a long time before I got mine and always thought the silver would look sharp. My personal secret color, since you asked, would be...
torch red, giving it a "ghost stripe" effect.
Go here and peep it, I've never seen any body do it yet.

Redfire base with torch red stripes would be my choice if ever done. Further more, it would be done with PAINT and not vinyl, save up and do it right. Lastly, I'd do it in "stripe 3" choice. Pure pwnage imo.

If you do it, be sure to give me a shoutout!

Thanks for the compliments.
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Removal of rear GT medallion

I've been looking for a post like this. I'm prepping for paint stripes, and am stymied trying to figure out how to remove the rear "gas cap" medallion w/out damaging it. I'd rather get it out of the way for the painter, but he said just mask around it if it won't come off easily. I see two expansion clips inside, but can't see how to release them w/out breaking something. Hope to hear from you.
Bill with '06 White GT w/ soon to have painted Blue stripes.
It's a nasty job but, do-able.

The weather is cold now, take it into your garage.
Put a hair dryer on it for a bit, get it warm. Use a PLASTIC putty blade and get an edge started. GO SLOW so you don't scuff. If your painting after it may not matter.

You will need lots of heat and muscle. After it starts comming up you got it. Then the double back mess.
Use Goof Off, it won't attack the paint/ clearcoat.

Warning- there will be 2 locator holes after all is said and done. You must plug/ paint or recover.
WOW, i do not like those emblems at all. sorry.
05GTSILVER said:
WOW, i do not like those emblems at all. sorry.
I was waitinf for someone else to say it first. I dont like them either, but that is my opinion. You dont have a cobra, why the cobra emblems?
The cobra emblems aren't bad(besides the fact it isn't a cobra), but I didn't like the ones in the back facing each other. Looked kinda...uh.....bad.:tongue
Thanks for the fast reply. I'll just leave the medallion in place and mask around it.
cobra emblems?uh...yeh...i'd probably take them off...the gt emblems are perfect cause its a just that....have you thought about whats gonna happen when you run into a real cobra..? why give it the chance to smirk at ya when you drive a perfectly righteous car? i love the goldish fog lights on that color red though...maybe goldish gt emblems?
finally, i have fellow haters, lets keep the hating up. :laughlitt
Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and are free to do whatever they want to their own machines. I just dont get labelling a car something that it isnt. I am not sure that qualifies as hating.
new stang owner said:
Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and are free to do whatever they want to their own machines. I just dont get labelling a car something that it isnt. I am not sure that qualifies as hating.
My point exactly. Bottom line it's not a cobra. To the trained eye, people will know that. It remindes me of a guy I see driving abound my town. He has Escort with SVT badges all over it. SVT never made an special Escort! He looks like a "wanna be" IMHO.

Also, I'm not trying to be harsh, but the ones forming a heart in back, gotta go. It doesn't exactly say muscle.

Once again, I'm not trying to be a hater, but you asked.

The car is awesome enough, it doesn't need all of this....
hell im thinkin of takin my gt emblems off ! nah there cool , lol :sterb: i dont think those snakes would be bad if you keep modding your car to the point it actually becomes a cobra, hmmm lets see a new 5.4 s/c engine whole new suspention change the front grill, put actual leather seats in ( all arround mind you ) french stiching on the steering wheel and a real leather shifting shroud or whatever you call it what is it 20 inch rims. a new t56 tranny . and all the other things i may hav forgotten. then you could be the proud owner of a real 2005 cobra . except your registration would still say 2005 mustang gt. all this would cost what? another 40 grand. i better stop here im getting depressed. its not my cup o tea but if you like it cool. id hav kept it original and traded it in to try and get the real undisputed cobra in 2007 . this may hurt your resale value. snakes belong on snakes , gt's belong on gt's. this thread also gos out to you v6's out there that wanted gt's. their not !!!!! stop trying to make them somthing their not, it is what it is !!!!! only problem is cobras will be harder to get than the gt's are now . so if you ask my opinion in 2007 my veiw may change, and youll hav one hell of a head start on all of us cobra wanters . untill then keep it real!!!!! vynle.:tongue
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It doesn't seem natural.

The real emblem I actually like, same with the sides- but the front just doesn't match with the rest of the car, especially the foglamps. They're overpowering. In my opinion if you want more of a retro look for the lights just get amber bulbs.
love the look of the new mustangs and yours looks great
except for the cobra emblems
so as of right now i dont like the look of your car, remove all those cobra emblems and it would look very nice imo
I have a subscription to 4 diff Mustang magazines, every month is at least ONE or more GT's getting modded to a "Cobra-esque" badging in my growing stack, any and every year of Pony.

The rear emblems IF you read, are temp to cover holes, they are going next spring. I am getting a new hood and grill as well. It will be a different look completly. The fender snakes are staying. Sorry.
Add a KB S/C , rims/ tires and some Mystic paint effects and I am on my way.

At least I got some guys talking. All feedback is welcome. Getting many real world compliments every day, however I do this for me.

I personally don't like the Boss badging/ color scheme, the shaker fakers, the GT350/ GT500 Shelby schtick, the V-6 to GT bolt ons...

I am joking, I could care less what a guy on the internet does to his Pony. I am here to give and get ideas, not get artistically stymied by the "critques", lmao.


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How did you tint the fog lights? Been wanting to do that myself.
raptorv22 said:
It doesn't seem natural.
Niether does chroming the car out. JMHO. But, whatever turns your crank
its a proud of the poney.....the people who compliment it arent mustang owners are they?....we're a different your mustang family....we wont steer ya wrong...keep it a mustang gt....therein lies the cool made it a wannabe car.
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