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Raced a new camaro ss

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i was on a service road about to turn on the highway and a new camaro goes first since he got to the intersection first so once i get on the highway i quickly catch up to him and pass him , then cruising along for a few minutes he didnt do anything and eventually i saw him finally starting to catch up to me and he pulled up beside me and give me the look like are we gonna go, so i just dropped it into 4th(since i figured with an extra 100 horse on me hed beat me n figured 3rd gear wouldnt make a big difference) so we start going and we even for a little and we got up to 180(km) and then the highway came to one lane so i slowed down and by that time he only had like a half car on me.

Now its over i kind of regret not going into 3rd cause then i think it would of been that much closer, and kind of surprised he didnt pull on me more...maybe not really trying? what do you guys think
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Nice run!
If your car is bone stock and you were racing an SS auto(they're relatively slow), then the outcome is plausible. But if it was a manual, then either the SS driver didn't go full WOT or he was a poor driver.
If your car has bolt ons, then it's plausible even if the SS was a manual.
Side Note: He probably would have put some car lengths on you if the race had continued beyond 180 kph.
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Correct..its pretty much a drivers race against the SS autos.

Had one repreatedly try to pull on me on the freeway one day acting like he was going to "walk off"

..i stayed on his bumper through several succh attempts (even havign to hit my breaks a few times)..and then after i had my laugh i hit 3rd and sailed right around him...he didnt even try to race me...assuming because he knew it was pointless with him not even being able to put a half car length on me and me right behind him..not even ever shifting down to 3rd......a couple times..i didnt even take it out of 5th and he has gobs of white smoke coming out of his tail pipes...i was laughing... That should not have been the case with him hitting it so hard??

Anyway..the SS is usually a beast at speed so this guy was definately an automatic driver...and a poor one at that.
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ya i have exhaust a CAI w/ programmer and tune from brenspeed so maybe it helped, i really regret not going into 3rd gear :( would have been nice to stick with him.
shot if you would have dropped into 3rd you would have won....and yes the stock l99's are slow but a stock s197 wont run with one and the ls3 is a couple of cars faster than the L99
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