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racing songs

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I, like probably all Mustang owners, love to just listen to the engine roar when I put my foot down or drag someone. But i also love to listen to music that just makes me wanna go heres my question. What songs do you like to listen to when your either driving fast in a race or alone? whatever pumps you up!

For myself i love the song "walk away" by the Nadas. (its the theme song to that SPEED network show Pinks...the one they play at the end when a guy loses his car.)
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I hit the button on the XM for "the System" Good techno. except right now, it's christmas music. sigh. "Cowboy" by Kid Rock also tends to lead to hooliganism.
hey, fast beat, no discernable lyrics, and vaguely mechanical sounds. Sounds like the soundtrack to any post-bullitt chase scene
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