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Rack and pinion Swap 1898 GT

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Steering coupler bolt 1989 GT 5.0

I am at a stuck and can't get the Rack out. The problem is I can't find the tool to disconnect the steering shaft coupler that is at the base of the shaft where it connects to the Rack input shaft. Included photo
So I removed the connection near the firewall and can't get it apart.

I am asking if any knows what size the bolt is or what I get the star wrench? Everything was closed when I gave up on trying to get the shaft loose. I am heading over to Harbor Freight in the morning. But didn't want to buy multiple wrenches. It look like 7/16 or below.



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hey, I'm doing an 04 cobra rack conversion on my 92 gt and that socket/wrench you need is a 12 point 7/16. That's what I used, don't see why it wouldn't work on yours.
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