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radiator and fan set up for me

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I may have some money to replace my old radiator with a new one. I also want to do a elect fan set up.

What can you guys tell me about the best budget friendly set up. I think I want to go alum radiator but I dont want to go to high (expensive). What will fit good w little to no fabrication.

I heard a good way to go is get a elect fan from a tauras or something. Help me out guys, I want to do the elect fan on a relay or something so it goes on when it needs to , maybe also a manual switch when I want to turn it on.

Thanks guys.

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This is my set-up:


Taurus Fan $60 off Ebay. The fan is out of a 3.8 V6 Taurus

Delta Current Controller $139.99 FK-50P, The best I've ever used.
Delta Current Control
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Thanks man! Im so stupid at this stuff, Ill see if my dad can help lol!:hihi:
I want this to be a nice set up, how does the tauras fan bolt in? Do I have to fab something?

I also want this to come on at a set temp, so the car will keep cool itself, and a manual button as an option is okay.
The DCC Fan Controller is what you want for sure, very quality piece, but be prepared to wait for it as Brian builds them by hand.
I was thinking about goin with the Mishimoto radiator, do you like it? can you post some pics of it in the car?
I think after all I may just go a stock route, this stuff is out of my league, but well see...

Should I still consider a alum radiator, will it cool the engine signifacantly more than the stock copper one? And what about 2 versus 3 core??? thanks all..
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