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Radio Controlled Mustang

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For that perfect Christmas gift: Here’s a huge R/C Mustang GT model that’s as classic as its namesake. This 17" long, 1:10 model features unique engine sounds, light up sound system on rear deck, underbody LED light kit, and real working headlight and taillights. Dual joystick radio transmitter controls forward and reverse speeds and left and right turns. Car includes built-in antenna, rubber tires and chrome wheels, front-wheel steering alignment and impact-resistant body.


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I saw something very similar at Toys-R-Us but I think it was much bigger but also more $$$. Maybe 1:8 or 1:6 scale and $100.
With all them working lights and the size at 1/10 scale, only (6) AA batteries? How much life can you get out of it?
My dealer has an RC version of the GTR. I think it was only $49. It's at least 1:10 scale. I'll check it out when I pick up my car from service.
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