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Radio Removal & Aftermarket Installation Guide

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Flathead Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
9/32” Ratchet & Socket

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. (not necessary but recommended)

2. Remove the shifter trim. (Flathead Screwdriver)

3. Open the center armrest and unscrew two Phillips screws. (Phillips Screwdriver)

4. Apply parking brake and remove the panel by softly pulling upwards. Maneuver the piece around the parking brake.

5. Pull out the center console’s side panels.

6. Remove six 9/32” screws from the center console. (9/32” Socket)

7. Move the panel out a couple of inches and disconnect the connectors.

8. Unscrew the radio, pull it out and disconnect the connectors.

9. You now have the radio out, follow the steps in reverse to put it back together.


Flathead Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
9/32” Ratchet & Socket
Metra Turbokit 95-5812 (Dash Adapter)
Metra 70-5520 (Radio Adapter)
Metra AW-CR10 (Antenna Adapter)
Wire Crimper / Stripper
Cutting Tool

1. Use the adapter to match the wires on your new stereo.

2. Then strip wires and using crimp pins and a crimper, crimp the wires together. (Wire Stripper/Crimper)

3. Attach the adapter, as well as the antenna adapter.
a. I ran into an issue here with my 2008. The adapter did not match up completely and even though we tested all the wires could not find a power source for the radio that wasn’t constant. Therefore I have the Always-On-Mod and can run the radio with the car off, the only down fall is that you have to shut off the radio when you exit the vehicle.

4. Break off the side fins on the dash adapter and mount the side adapters to the radio after clipping them to the front adapter. (Cutting Tool & Phillips Screwdriver)

5. Screw, connect and install everything back to view your finished product. (9/32” Socket, Phillips Screwdriver)

(Always verify adapters for your vehicle)
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Nice! I could have used this about 3 months ago. Way nicer description than having to decipher the service manual to figure out whats going on, at least for the panel removal. :bigthumbsup
I just upgraded my HU to a Kenwood yesterday. If you get the C2R-FRD1 radio installation wire adapter from it will gives you the power cable. Only thing that I've noticed I don't have anymore is the speed volume adjustment, but that's a small price to pay. Also, the adapter helps with the wiring for the factory amplifiers and subwoofers.
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