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Randalls Rack replacement rack part

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I purchase a Randalls rack and pinion steering system around 2006. The rack is now leaking and needs to be replaced. I know there is a lot of similar rack that came in early - mid 90s Chevy cars such as Chevy Beretta, Cavalier, Corsica, etc. I purchased a 92 Pontiac sunbird rack and it is identical except the hydraulic lines that goes to the power steering pump are at a slightly different angle, and interferes with the frame rail. I am hoping someone knows exactly what rack was used. The casting number on the Randalls rack is 9 6 106 B. A Google search does not find any such part number.
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Bringing an old thread back to life..anyone have any luck with this? I too have the same piece and am looking for parts. Not receiving any replies from Randalls directly.
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