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Raptor shift light installation?

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Anyone installed the raptor shift light(s) yet? Any advice / instructions on the wiring? I checked the shop manual, but the wiring diagrams did not help too much (this harness goes to this module and so on).. :sosad:
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I looked into it... not the install but the Raptor...

Was told the shifting points differ due to the VT, SO, and valve set-up...??

Should be difficult to get good points they say...?? Most running VT and SO in their S197 shift early 1-2nd, a bit later 2-3d, ASO... depending gearing (if you need 4th)...
I have stick shift, so just the ignition/spark plug fire signal should do..? I don't want any fancy stuff, just one light for 3k RPM or so for launch and another around 5k6 RPM so I don't hit the RPM limiter by accident. The raptor light figures out the RPM by itself or have I misunderstood something?
No you got it right... what I've been told is that the 3V and our tranny (rear-end?) make for some weird shift points... But I guess they might have figured it out? Or found a good compromise?

You can also (like me) move your rev-limitor to a safe value (6,800?) to have more clearance from the red line, I shift at 5,900, 6,200, and 6,300 (if neccessary.)
I just double-cheked the Raptor web site. Now there is an instruction page for 05 too:

was gunna buy one today. is this the only one out there for the '05-'06 stang? $110 is about 1/3 more than usual. I was gunna order off their web site. anywhere else cheaper?
So I had the raptor shift light sitting around my house not installed but before I replied to this I installed it... I literally did it in 15 mins. They have pictured instructions on the site and it's EASY!!! It's 3 wires, red, black, green, You hook the green wire up to the back coil on the passanger side by the battery and find a positive and ground and you are done... Very easy!!! I went and tested it out and it works just like it suppose too!!
Where did you get the fused 12V and ground? Any good pointers? Pics?
15 mins.. Thats pretty fast! :worship
I was about to go and get some hardware for the install from local Kragen, but decided to let you know the url first. :)
Check out the raptors site, it really has pictured instructions, it shows you which coil, it shows you which wire, it shows you the 12v wire to tap, The ground is easy cause there is a black ground wire running right infront of you, You can't possibly miss it. You don't need instructions 3 wires and the pictures show you EXACTLY what to do...hardest part is mounting it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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