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06GTee said:
OK, here's what happened today at the dealer. They failed again to diagnose the rattle, and I think I know why they couldn't for the past 4 visits. THEY DRIVE LIKE MY GRANDMA!!! :sterb: I went on a test drive with a service advisor, with him driving. He eased over all bumps in the road and slowed to about 15 to go over the bumps. I proceeded to tell him that it happens more at like 35/45 and he gets it to 25 and asks me if the rattle is there. I felt like asking him if he has reached 45 yet, but I refrained. Then, we hit the freeway, and there he drives 55! I have not seen anyone drive 55 in San Diego. That must have been a first, we got cut off by girls in a Hyundai Accent and then an old woman in her Grand Marquis. I'm gonna go to another dealer and I am going to do the driving. Grr. :eyebulge: Plus, the gas tank filling problem came back. :sosad: I think it was after I had my first gas tank replaced when the rattles first came about. Anyways, I still love my pony even with her "issues". :smoke:
What dealership did you go to?
Suggestion, take to Mossy Ford in PB. Talk to Jeff Wisdom (Assistant Service Manager), you can call him at (858) 490-4718. I had a problem with my saleen S/C hitting the firewall and they did a GREAT job fixing it. I was told by other people it sounds like the transmission (grinding noise) and then thought it was the S/C itself. Long story short installed headers, motor mount bolt not torque and motor needed to be position on subframe correctly ( my fault). Tell him I sent you and if you have any problems PM me and I can TRY to help you. I already was able to help SVT BOOST with install of his saleen S/C by Mossy.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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