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Raxiom 2010 Style Tailights Dummy Reverse Light Fix

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Hey guys,

I wanted to do something to my stang, but I didn't want to spend any money. So, I decided to "fix" the dummy reverse light problem on the Raxiom 2010 tail lights I bought. I couldn't find any write up on how to do this, but it seemed pretty straight forward, so I gave it a try.

Long story short, I used the reverse light base from an original tail light harness (I currently have plug-in sequentials from AM) and spliced it into the sequential's reverse wiring. As I didn't have a wide enough drill bit and I didn't want to buy a new one, I drilled multiple holes and cut the rest with a knife. I think it came out pretty good for only using a drill and a knife :bigthumbsup


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I've been wondering about doing this myself and didn't know if it could be done so thanks for posting it, very cool. But I wanted to go with led reverse lights instead of plain bulbs.

Here's a link to some led reverse lights if interested.

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I'll definitely look at that site and get those. And yeah when I looked at the price I was a little surprised bc that's expensive for only two LEDs. I replaced my fog light bulbs with LEDs that almost matches my 10k headlights in my raxiom projectors. But I want to get 10k hids in my fog lights but haven't found any yet.

But talking about led strips. I was actually thinking about running two 10' led strips parallel to each other in my front turn signals somehow behind my smoked lens. I thought that might look pretty sick.


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Yeah after thinking about it A while I've run into the issue of how to stick it behind the lens for it to be straight and not look like crap. But I didn't think about the flashing aspect of the deal. I guess that would be a problem. But not if somehow when the flash was turned on that you could have a separate led strip flashing along with the constant powered led strip. Idk I'm going to look into it a little more.
Do they have LEDs now that will do what a regular bulb will, where you have one part of the light that stays off until told to flash.? Idk about it, just a thought

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Yeah having the led strips in the turn signals could look pretty awful if you stick them to the inside housing bc it may not be straight.

But yeah the led strips on the tail lights would look sweet if there was any way you could get it to not look so cheap. But are you talking about filling in the space in between and around the 3 light housing with LEDs? The only way you could prolly do that would be to put the LEDs around it and the. Fill in around the strips but over time whatever filler (caulk or whatever) will start to fall apart and look bad. That's just what I'm thinking. I would wait and see if they ever made some aftermarket taillights like the 13s for our year model.

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That would look real good I think in the tail lights. It would just be a tedious job.
But the LEDs in the run signals it still confusing me on the part where you would stick the led strips to, for them to be straight and look good.

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If you don't mind I'm kind of curious how they turned out there buddy. Ha I know it sounds tedious and I guess you found it out to be.

But I'm ready to see what those look like but even if/when they do I think I'll prolly stick with the ones we have and put my money into something else.

Btw where did you get your HID fog lights an they are H11 right??

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They doesn't look bad actually man, are you going to do anything else to the driver side taillight it what?

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Right I see what your saying.
Yeah some of my ideas I don't always go they with. But I did add blue ambient lighting to my floor boards. For instance when I open my doors the light up and when I close the doors they fade away. Then when you turn the driver side dome light on the floor lights up on the driver side and the passenger side the same way.

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I actually tried that a couple of months ago, except instead of using a template I did it by hand, since those are the stock tails and I have the raxioms (the inserts are smaller). It looked nice and really set it apart from others, but since I did em by hand they came out sorta crooked. I had some pics from when I did it but I lost em when my hard drive fried.

I some leftover plastidip and im currently out of ideas on what to do to my stang, so I might try it on the original tails for kicks hehe.
Yeah for laughs, I'd do it too. Just to see what it would look like. Just thought you would like it. Maybe you'd give it a try ha

But the next thing ima do to mine it prolly lower or tune it. What you think?

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Yeah honestly that's why I am only interests in lowering it so I can just get lower to the ground and I love te stance So much better than the 4x4 look that everyone mentions. I was looking at mine today from the back driver side and really noticed that 4x4 stance that everyone talks about.

And as far as the tune goes, that's what I've read as we'll.. That the tune makes a world of difference. I have a BBK cai, and polished Pypes shortie headers for a deeper sound coming out of my Flowmaster American thunder 60-series axle back. I love it! At times a little poppy, but only before it warms up. So the tune would be great!!

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