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Raxiom 2010 Style Tailights Dummy Reverse Light Fix

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Hey guys,

I wanted to do something to my stang, but I didn't want to spend any money. So, I decided to "fix" the dummy reverse light problem on the Raxiom 2010 tail lights I bought. I couldn't find any write up on how to do this, but it seemed pretty straight forward, so I gave it a try.

Long story short, I used the reverse light base from an original tail light harness (I currently have plug-in sequentials from AM) and spliced it into the sequential's reverse wiring. As I didn't have a wide enough drill bit and I didn't want to buy a new one, I drilled multiple holes and cut the rest with a knife. I think it came out pretty good for only using a drill and a knife :bigthumbsup


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I also had a question. I wanted to stick some Red LED strips inside the tail light assembly a la 2013. Could I wire these into the tail light bulb wiring? More importantly, any tips on how to actually open the taillight assembly? I've seen videos in which people pop them into the oven, heat em up and pry em open.
As far as I had noticed not really. I recently replaced the bulbs with LEDs. Prior to that, they worked just fine, no flickering or any signs that they weren't getting enough "juice" so to speak.

And $15 for 2 LEDs? Seems a little expensive, what did the kit come with? I ordered over 7 bulbs (4 for the reverse lights, 2 for the interior map lights, and 1 for the license plate) and it was only over $20 with shipping included. The website I ordered 'em from is called There's a whole bunch of cool stuff in there ranging from different color LED bulbs or even strips of LEDs at pretty good prices.

There's a whole bunch of stuff we can do style-wise to our Mustangs for a low price if we're willing to work on them ourselves. I'm currently working on adding Red LED strips to my tail lights sort of like outside edges 2013 mustang tailights, which should only cost me over $30 plus the manual labor hehe.
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I was thinking about doing the exact same thing hehe. It seems like a pretty straightforward job. Open up the turn signal housings and apply the LED strip. The ones from the website I have talked about come with 3M tape at the back, so it's just peel and apply :bigthumbsup.

The only problem with using LED strips is that you would have to use a type of strip that can run at two different levels of power. So that they turn on when you turn on your headlights and then flash brighter when you use the turn signal. I have not seen an LED strip that can do that.

The simpler option would just be to buy an LED bulb that will just plug & play.
I had not thought about it that way. Having one on constantly, while having the other one wired to the flashing wire is definitely possible (I have my halos wired to the constant). You COULD stick the strips to the back of the assembly, as they have adhesive backing, but i've also come across the same problem. I wanna stick some LED strips to the lens of my tailight, such as to outline the 6 tailight inserts and use em as flashers. I have yet to find any way that I can stick em without looking like a cheap home project. I was thinking possibly using clear silicone at certain spots, but I haven't had the time to do so.

As for LED bulbs. I have not yet ordered or used bulbs that can stay on and flash on the same bulb. The site says they are compatible with turn signals, so I assume they're supposed to.
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Gonna be whipping out the old stock harnesses and trying my luck at this sometime this week; just re-did my halo wiring now that we're heading into the rain and wanted to continue working on my girl.

Now was there anything else you needed to do, or was it pretty much drill & splice?
That's pretty much all I did, apart from buying the 2 extra bulbs hehe. One thing to remember when you cut off the reverse light sockets from your old harnesses is to leave a good amount of wire leading into the socket. That way you won't run into any trouble with it being able to reach the inserts you're going to drill.

Post a picture when you finish!
I was thinking more like popping open the tail light assemblies and putting led strips on the outer edges of every insert. Such as to make a rectangle of LEDs that would light up inside every insert upon braking or using the turn signals.
Well I tried the tail light thing, but I may have been too ambitious in wanting to outline the inserts. Instead I pasted single led stripes on the reflectors and wired them to sequence along with the bulbs. For the 3rd bulb, I also wired in a bigger stripe that outlines the upper half of the assembly. As you said this was VERY tedious.

At first I tried multiple methods to glue the strips onto the lens, but not of them worked. Tape works, but it's not gonna look clean. I think your best option is going to be either pasting em to the back of the assembly or using an actual bulb.

On another note AM is working on a 2013 style tail light assembly for 05-09s. It's supposed to be out in a couple of months, so that might be the best, yet pricier option.
Here it is, I couldn't finish the other side since I ran out of materials, but it serves as a nice comparison.

Raxiom 2010 Style Tailight LED strip Mod - YouTube
Hmm I haven't thought of anything I could do that could be considered practical. So I might just finish up the driver's side and call it a day. At least till some other crazy idea pops up. I was considering maybe messing around with my original tail light assemblies, but I gotta finish what I started first :gringreen.
I actually tried that a couple of months ago, except instead of using a template I did it by hand, since those are the stock tails and I have the raxioms (the inserts are smaller). It looked nice and really set it apart from others, but since I did em by hand they came out sorta crooked. I had some pics from when I did it but I lost em when my hard drive fried.

I some leftover plastidip and im currently out of ideas on what to do to my stang, so I might try it on the original tails for kicks hehe.
Personally, I've been hesitant on buying perfomance mods. In the case of our sixxers, I feel that they need ALOT of money invested in em to even be able to compete with the 05-09 GTs. I love my stang to death, but I can't justify adding performance mods to it.

That being said, I do like the lowered look some people have achieved on their cars. Also, from what i've read, a tune makes even a stock v6 into a totally different car for the better.
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