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Razzi scoop mod and 1/4 window mod!

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Well I just updated my Razzi scoops today! I realy did not like the "mesh sticker" so instead, I made my own stickers! Well I have a buddy that works for the d.o.t. and he got me some black street vinyl (It realy hi grade stuff, dont know if its vinyl) Took me about 4 trys, but now it looks great! Like it alot more!! A must if you buy a Razzi SCoop! Also I wanted to block out the back window from the inside of the car. So you could not see the inside of the louvers from inside of the car. Went to homedeopt and looked around for a black plastic that was the same as the car. looked high and low, but found the solution under my nose! A 28 Qt wastebasket! worked great!:clap tell me what you think!!! :grinroll:

Mark F


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Great job. I would expect it to look like what you did as well. Glad to see you "finished" it!

:waveythanks! I think every person with 1/4 window louvers/scoops should do my mod. Very easy and fast!

Thanks again Russ!

Mark F
I just scored a set pre-painted on eBay for my 05 sonic blue for $79 shipped brand new!

So there is no actual vent in the front, just a spot where you put vinyl to make it look like a vent?

Also, I want to do the same to black out the window and that trash can mod is right up my alley, my way of thinking. Can you tell us how you did it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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