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Rear Badge Removal

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any one know how?
i just recieved my cdc rear panel and i need to know this to install it. please let me know how.

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Hit it with a heat gun and then slide a piece of dental floss/fishing line between the badge and sheet metal. Work slow use plenty of heat.

Remove excess adhesive with WD-40, or goo remover of your choice.
It is not just glued on. there are two pins on the underside of the badge (left and right of center) that slides into to keepers on the trunk lid. Make sure when you loosen the adheasive that is holding the badge on tightly, that you carefully work your way around the badge as you slowly apply some leverage. Too much leverage on the top and bottom and the badge will warp slightly, causing a gap in the final fit when you put the badge back on. Apply most of your pressure on the left and right sides. Be prepared to buy a new one if it gets warped. $35 to $40 if memory serves me right.

Take note of the direction of the pin keepers that sit in the holes on the trunk lid. You need to place them back on the trunk in the same orientation as they came off. If I remember right, they should go on so it looks like a backwards "C" with the gap facing left.
I used a flat blade scraper with clear packing tape and gently lifted the emblem off. I now wear it around my neck with a white gold chain. Bigger than any MB emblem and twice as flashy.:laughlitt

Ok, I really don't wear it. But I did remove it and it came off cleanly and was able to roll the adhesive tape right off. I then used a paint cleaner from Mequiars then cleaned again with alcohol, the non drinking stuff.

I then applied some extra strips of 2 faced tape to the trunk lid and used one piece to cover the mounting holes left by the emblem. I got the tape from a local body wholesale supply as well as some extra adhesive promotor. That stuff makes it stick like glue so you have to be right when you apply the part. Just clean your hands after using it and before handling anything else.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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