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Rear Brake Drums

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I'm rebuilding my 9 inch rearend and it has the big bearing end. It's originally from a 1967 Bronco.

Does anyone know where I might find either:

- 10" backing plate for big bearing end
- 11" x 2" brake drum with 4.5" bolt pattern?
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Go to ebay for the brake backing plates, usually small and medium size cars have the small bearing while trucks and big cars (like Galaxy) had large bearing, but that is not a hard & fast rule, you have to check each year and application specifically.

As far as the brake drum, that has to match the bolt pattern of your axle, so unless you are putting in axles with 5 on 4.5 then its not going to work.

And I have to ask, why 10 inch backing plates if you are going to use 11 inch drums?
Ok, so buy drums for a Ford "big car" that has 11 inch brakes (example 1970 Galaxy with big block). The wheel lug pattern will be 5 on 4.5.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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