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Rear Brake Drums

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I'm rebuilding my 9 inch rearend and it has the big bearing end. It's originally from a 1967 Bronco.

Does anyone know where I might find either:

- 10" backing plate for big bearing end
- 11" x 2" brake drum with 4.5" bolt pattern?
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I've been browsing eBay without luck, I need to know if there's a chance I can part either of these two things from a car. I prefer an 11" drum with 4.5x5" bolt pattern (not 5x5" as most 11" drum have) because I already have 11" backing plate. However there are not as many wheels available for the 5x5" bolt battern with the back spacing I need, I have Moser axles with 5x4.5" bolt pattern.

Option two is to buy 10" drums with 4.5" pattern and all hardware and of course a 10" backing plate for the big bearing end, just need to find it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Do you guys probably think the best way would maybe just redrilling the drums with the 5x4.5" bolt pattern?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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