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rear differential

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im looking to get a new rear differential cover and cant find a good one any tips or links? v6 2008 mustang. also what kind of rear differential fluid should i use?
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Check ebay or summit. Or AM. They're everywhere. You're looking for a 7.5 dif cover. Don't forget some RTV for when you install it. You don't need a friction modifier lube if that's what you're asking.
Owner's Guide says to use:

75W-140 SYNTHETIC Rear Axle Lubricant. Capacity is 3.25 pints...thats 52 ounces (less than two quarts).

And as stated friction modifier is used in V-6 rear that item is only for Limited Slip differential which V-6 does not have.
Some v6's have LSD and ABS with the 7.5 rear diff. It isn't a real common option but there are many out there. My neighbor has an 07 convertable with ABS and TCS. 4.0 automatic. From the factory, if you had ABS, you had TCS with the 6's. I believe the v8's are the same.
I´ve never seen a Stock V6 with an LSD, only aftermarket ones for the 7.5 Rear. But i may be wrong.
But the ABS fore sure, and TCS maybe also are optional extras on our V6. Thus the TCS only reduced Engine Power and also should apply Brakes on the spinning wheel. So it some kind of compensates for the lack of an LSD.
If you are looking for a Cover, i found some nice ones at AM. Maybe a next buy for me too. :D
True on the traction control. And it works great. I use my mustang all year round. The cover on my rearend is a silver metal (natural) finish. I would just give it a good cleaning and polish.
The only 7.5 rear end with Tlok/LSD are those modified by an owner. None of the 2005-10 V6 Mustangs come from the factory with it.

I think you are confusing TCS with Tlok differential. Different things and different systems.

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Steeda has the Boss 302 Finned cover on sale right now. As for diff fluid, use Motorcraft as recommeded by Owners manual. The aftermarket brands are not really any better.
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