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Rear end assembly factory paint stick markings

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Hello everyone. I'm currently working on restoring my 00 Steeda GT after 21 years. I am finishing up the rear end assembly and need a little help from the 99-04 guys. I remember when my Steeda was new, it had a few paint stick markings (I believe on the axle tubes and maybe on the diff cover) from its trip down the Dearborn assembly line. Unfortunately these markings have worn off over time but I would like to reapply them. Does anyone have these markings on their rear end? If so, can you please provide pictures so I can replicate them on my rear end? Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum.
Nice looking axle there. I wouldn't worry too much about any paint markings though. You already painted the axle semi gloss black whereas it would've been unpainted from the factory. Plus, the markings on one axle would likely not be the same as another depending on who was marking them on the assembly line on any given day/shift.
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I understand the markings would not be exact. Just trying to get as close as possible. But I guess missing may be better than incorrect too huh? My axle was black when removed...just very poorly finished and very flat. I went with a gloss feeling that over time and with heat it will dull out over time. I don't expect to have to restore the car again...just looking to prolong the effect so to speak. I appreciate the reply.
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