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Rear end blew, any help would be much appreciated!

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I have a 1998 V6 Mustang and on the way to my new job the rear gears blew. I was thinking of swapping off my rear end from my 96, it has absolutely no play from the shaft to the wheels but it seems as though the 96 is squared off at the top mounts. Other than that I have found an 8.8 assembly I could piece together if it is possible. So, my two questions are that I cannot seem to find an answer to on the forums are:

-Can I swap 8.8's into a 7.5 housing?

-Has anyone take a 96 rear end and swapped it onto a 98?

Attached it a picture of the assembly I could pick up for $15, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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94 thru 98 7.5 axles will swap. Remember, if you swap the whole axle, some have ABS and some don't. Local yards are about $125 if you pull it off a car yourself. is nationwide and has them used for about $200 with warranty. :wink:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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