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Rear end noise in my 2006 Mustang V6

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Need a little help here. I have a 2006 v6 with a factory rear end. Just recently the car has been making a sort of grinding/crunching sound when stopped and I'm almost positive it's coming from the rear end. I'm thinking either bad ujoint or bad gears in the differential. Its quiet when going down the road but does seem a tad sluggish. I don't wanna go to a shop and spend tons of money. The car only has 32000 miles on it.

Ps i did have the spare tire on the car for about two weeks after a blowout.

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A stock V6 car would have a standard differential, so the spare tire wouldn't have cause a problem with that. I would be checking the u joints first. That is a much more likely problem than the gears. If you don't find a bad u joint then check the pinion nut to see if it is tight. You should be able to put about 125 to 150 foot pounds of torque on it without moving it. Then check to see if the pinion has any up and down or in and out play. If you get any movement at all other than rotation then you have a pinion bearing problem.
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