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Rear End Noise when turning? Help

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At 1120 miles on the speedo, when turning corners tonight I noticed a noise coming from the rear end or rear of car. This happens as you turn and cost or give the thing some gas. Has anyone had this problem.
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Yup, had that sound. And had it fixed.

Take it back to your dealer and give them the TSB below.

Sounds good as new since they fixed it. :)



Carried the car in this morning and after several hard turns to the left or right the TECH did hear the noise. They drove it before me but did not hear it, but when they gave me a chance to make it happen I DID. THey said it could be the wheel bearing or the rear end. Will drop off the car Monday and they will have it a few days.:madas:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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