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Rear-ended but no damage

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Sitting at a red light when a woman apparently takes her foot off the gas and pops me in the rear. As I'm getting out I'm thinking "Oh no you've got to be kidding me." She's immediately giving me her "I've had such a rotten day" excuse as I'm walking back to the rear of the car. I say "Do you have any idea what you just ran into?" She says "Yes I know a baby when I see one." I look her over real good (the car although she wasn't too shabby either) and no damage so I guess those 5 mph bumpers do their job. I wasn't too happy about it though.
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Well.. I got rear-ended 50mph on freeway last Saturday. The guy was driving a toyota truck, uninsured..! Luckily I have coverage for such idiots - hope he rots in a jail for a while.. However, no injuries (*knocks wood*) or at least everyone walked out of my 'stang. The rear was totally busted (taillights, bumper, trunk door, bulge(s) on fender(s), ...). Crap. Just wondering, what is the usual treshold for totaling a new car in CA.. :doh: :weeps
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mikeandjean said:
I was bumped while sitting at a stop light. Unfortunately, the little Chevy Astro Van left a black mark on my bumper that my body shop guy said will cost $480 to repair, once he does all the paint matching. I got the money from the fellow's employer to fix it, but what a hassle! Guess it could have been worse though...
I got a minor black mark on my bumper too just last week. Luckily guys in detailer were able to puff it off. But if it stays there for a week or so, it might not be possible anymore since CA sun burns all sh*t on the paintjob pretty badly.
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