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Rear gear install on AOD

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I have a 1989 GT Convertible. I want to put 4.10 rear gears on it but I don't even know where to start with the shift point adjustment. I have a performance chip, but from what I've read, the computer doesn't control the shift points on this car. Adjusting the TV cable wouldn't adjust the shift points either I don't think. So if I have to do anything to change the shift points for the new gear, what is it?
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Adjusting the TV cable is going change line pressures, not shift points. When I had my AOD, EVERYBODY who was anybody in this racket said "don't touch the TV cable". I heard horror stories of guys doing adjustments and days later the trans blowing up. With the change of gears, it will rev the motor quicker thereby shifting sooner. This is how my car reacted when I did the 3.73 swap. Just my opinion, but if you do highway driving those 4.10's are gonna get old quick. Even now I'm considering going back to the 3.27's my car came with. Like I said it's JMO.
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I had my car up on a hoist a couple weeks back and I did the drive shaft vs tire rotation and came to find that I have 2.72 rear gears. I'm 17 years old and the farthest I drive on the freeway is to work which is no more than 5 miles.

The TV cable is a nightmare, I was driving one day and hit a bump, then the car wouldn't shift into o/d and was slipping like crazy. Turns out the TV cable bushing deteriorated and fell off. So i bought the brass one from a ford dealer, i snapped it on using instructions on a well known video on youtube. Is there any other adjusting I need to do on the TV cable after I reinstalled it?

And just to confirm, the AOD trans will adjust the shift points itself because it shifts at a certain RPM for each gear.

Sorry to ask questions having nothing to do with my original thread.:D
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Take it to a trans shop and get that TV cable adjusted professionally.
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