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Rear o2 sensors interchangeable?

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Hey guys I wanted to replace my rear o2 sensors and assumed downstream right meant passenger side when I ordered them from Rockauto. Wrong. Anyways if I just strip off the plastic prongs on the pig tail that don't line up will it still work the same? In other words are the rear o2 sensors interchangeable? I know the front ones are.
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What are you trying to say? The plug is wrong and won't connect to your harness or it still has a cel for it? I'm confused sorry.
The plug was wrong but I stripped off the plastic guiders so it would fit. Can the left side downstream o2 sensor be used on the right side?
Your rear O2 sensors are the same no matter what side. In all honesty they really don't even affect how your car runs. They are only there for emission reasons. Why do you think they make MIL eliminators for us O/R mid pipe get rid of that CEL and trick the computer.
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