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Received a 1965 Mustang fastback

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Hello everyone. My grandfather bought a 1965 mustang fastback back in its day, and i am extremely lucky enough to recieve it from him. It runs fine and looks beautiful. it is my desire to make it a little safer to drive and to make it a little more practical. One question i have is how would i be able to put seats in with a shoulder harness like racing seats?
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Welcome aboard... The Classic Mustang section will be a good source of information for you.
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Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Hello there welcome to this great site.
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Hiya, welcome to the site. I've put in aftermarket seats and harnesses myself into mine, it isn't hard. Do some exploring, you should find some info on it.
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Probably the best Mustang site on the web.
Get advice in a Tech' Section or just chew the fat in the Lounge. ENJOY!
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