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Recent runs: Challenger srt 8 and porsche turboS

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Had some fun runs recently:

1.) First race in new GT. Fully modded Civic Si, one guy no passengers. Me and two passengers :(. He went first and I couldn't pull him. Not gunna lie I didn't expect it and I was a little upset/embarassed. Highway run prolly 60-*10. His car really sounded awesome (not just for a ricer, it sounded mean when he hit it). Anyways I def. didn't hit my shift points right (wasn't used to the larger powerband yet) and he got me. It hurt

2.) Next I pulled with subaru wrx wagon. Again with a passenger and didn't hit my shift points at the best spots. (still my second time with any comp.) We went even to 100 but I was dissapointed i didn't pull him.

3.) Modded WRX no badges. He said he had a full exhaust. We were even till about 80 when he redlined and I got the upper hand :) . Talked to him at the next light cool guy.

4.) Coming home from class I encountered two other 99+ GT's. First had two 60-70 year old guys in it, they smiled and gave me thumbs up haha. Second was a 30 something guy. We raced along for a while on the highway but nothing serious just some fun pulls to *00 or so.

5.) Then Saturday night I got some exoctic stuff. Saw the Porsche get on the highway ahead of me so I said hi. I get up to it and expect a regular carrera, but instead it said Turbo S on the back :headscratch: . Looked pretty normal minus the massive meats on the back. So I toyed with him for a while and he was a complete geeky looking guy (serious turd) . I did an imitation of him with my gf who was in the passenger seat, just then he looked over and musta got pissed and punched it. WOW WOW. I've heard cars like that on youtube under "insane Z06". And it was like his car had a huge rubberband on it and snapped forward. I was like ok haha I have no chance but lets see what happens. Pull up next to him again ready for the down shift into the 4k-5k range. He punched and before I even had the chance to shift back up he had two cars on me. Easily the fastest car I've ever encountered.

6.) Same ride home. A Challenger SRT 8 comes up from behind. We locked eyes then he pulled. He got half a car ahead before I realized he was serious. The gap opened to a full car when we were around 90 prolly. The gap remained at one car untill we slowed at the bend in the road (gf said we were over *20). I knew they had big power and thought he would rape me but I also knew they weighed over 4000 lbs haha. and it was evident on the turn where he had half his car in the sand on the left side of the white line....a little scary

Anyways those are my recent encounters. Comments welcome. Hopefully nobody gets too upset about the location of these events. I acknowledge the legal and saftey issues of each.
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No one wants to hear about how a honda civic pulled on your car... :laugh:

On a serious're asking to get bashed when posting up stories about street racing.

Post some 1/4 mile times and you will get a lot more respect.

Be safe & take care.
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lol Sounds like got lucky though my gal hates it when I drive like that so im trying to drive while gettin beat up inside the car.
yeah, street racing is a blast- but you have to have good sense about it. racing to 120 and cars running off the road is just absurd. stop light to stop light- never breaking 2nd gear is one thing, but racing to 120 is banannas...
my wife actually loves it though, but i've gotten to the point where i'm not really interested in it anymore... unless its a camaro- i hate camaros.... :happyhapp
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Sounds like you had fun but you gotta be more careful. Your on quiet a roll and I'd hate to read that something happend to you.

On that note, race some cars you got a chance at son! Your getting your arse kicked! :D
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