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Recently became a 2011 Mustang GT owner. Where is the Mustang wave?

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End of April I traded by 2004 Subaru STI in for a 2011 Mustang 5.0. I am having a lot of fun with the rear wheel drive versus the all wheel drive. What I miss is the "wave". In the STI I could pretty much count on a fellow driver signaling back. So far nothing back from any Mustangs. I've pretty much given up.
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Welcome to the site. I usually get fellow mustang owners waving over and I do the same.
Look for Mustangs that are well maintained and or modded. They usually wave back. They're just as proud of they're car as you are of yours. I see ALL types of people in Mustangs and I'm sure they buy them for all different reasons. But I agree with you. Not too many respond around here either. Matter of fact, I've had more interaction with Camaro owners.
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Some wave some don't... It's a given when I drive my Jeep Wrangler but hit or miss with the Stangs. Just wave at all of them and don't lose sleep at those that don't wave back... they either didn't see or just don't get it.

Thanks for joining and browse around and have fun here!:bigthumbsup
Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep up the wave. There are a lot of Mustangs out there so makes sense some are clueless.
Well, to some it's just a car. Usually the modded stangs will wave as they are enthusiasts and are proud of what they drive. Just have fun driving what you have and you'll get respect.

Here's a long distance wave for ya!
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