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Red lining question.

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I have an 03 v6 auto with CAI,magnaflow true dual H-Pipe and a 91 bama race tune on. I was coming home tonight and accelerated pretty hard getting onto the freeway and before i know it i look down and im at about 6k RPM's. I know my car red lines at about 5400 RPM's. Im pretty sure thats the first time ive ever red lined as i thought i'd really floor it this one time, so i was just wondering if any kind of dammage would really be done from that? My guess would be no because its just that one time, but it's probably not a good idea to do that often. Am i correct? And i was wondering if there would be a rev limiter here, and if anyone knows what that is for this type of build. Thanks.
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When I had my chip retuned I told them to set it to 6K, it only does it first gear to jump the lag that the auto has between 1st and 2nd, then it only goes 5500 between 2&3 and 3&4 yes I have redlined third gear at 120+ mph lol

No problems out of her so far...
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