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Red, White and Lowered....

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Installed the Koni Sports adjustable shocks and struts, GT 500 strut mounts, Steeda Sports springs and UPR adjustable panhard rod today.
Total time was right at 4 hours, son helped.
Helpful hints- Remove the rear shock upper nuts BEFORE jacking the car up! Much easier than reaching in the trunk with the car jacked up.
You do not need a spring compressor to do the job, but you definitely need another hand to compress the front springs enough to get the strut nut on.
Results- Let's put it this way: The ride and handling are so dramatically different even the wife noticed!!! We bombed through a mountain pass yesterday so she had a fresh comparison today. Flat, flat in the corners, no brake dive, no pitching up under heavy throttle.
She echoed what everyone else says after doing this: This is the way the car should have came.
Alignment soon, then dialing up to shocks to 11.:winks

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looks mean, have you had any clearance issues while driving (driveways, speed bumps...)?
Encountered one speed bump, no problems. No steep driveways yet, but if you go slow, it's fine.
The freeway is nice and smooth. The car feels planted.
F91 - You've had the best looking Performance White 5.0 for a while, and it looks even better now. Congrats my friend. You're going to love that setup. I'm just glad I've been able to enjoy mine that way for the last 9 months.
Car looks great.
Does that Tri-Bar pony emblem have blue in the front? Then truly a patriotic car. :)
love the stance! very nice :bigthumbsup
Thanks Jason. The handling is pretty damn good now and it wasn't too bad before the swap.
Timeless- Yep, the tri bar has blue.
Very nice job car looks great,plus i like the color combo you cant go wrong with the white and red stripes looks good man.
looks awesome
how is it on rough roads?
Looks great!
Your tires look like they are pushed out toward the fenders (like you used spacers). Is that the case or does it just look like that in the pics?
@ Zilla- Thanks my PW brother.
Thanks again all! Car rides a touch firmer (on the lightest settings) than the Brembo set up. The Konis will adjust up to 720 degrees towards firmer. No spacers used at all. I have camber bolts but decided to stay away from them. I'll know better when I get the car aligned on Saturday.

I was wondering if the nvh increased or got worse, did the ride get louder, can you hear more road noise now with the new suspension or is it about the same? thanks
NVH and road noise is about the same. Let's review: The wife likes it and wanted to know why we didn't do it sooner (thanks Koni several month backorder!).:winks
There really isn't much of a downside to this mod at all. Highly recommended.

Look Real good! How much did you lower it?
Steeda Sport Springs - Part Numbers: 555-8216
  • Lowers the vehicle approx 1 inch front, 1 1/4 inch rear. The S197 Mustang sits high in the rear, these springs will give it a more aggressive look
  • Maintains good ride quality for daily driving
  • Big improvement in handling and noticeable reduction in nosedive

Part #: S197 Koni Sport Set
Brand: Koni
Price: $749.00 --Koni Sport front struts are on National Backorder. Please call for up to date information if your order is time critical. Backorders will be air shipped to the USA upon completion. The struts will ship ASAP upon arrival in the US.

****These will fit 2011 Mustangs, but do require a small spacer or use of 2005-2010 Upper Strut Mounts****

--Huge handling improvement, superior body motion control with less roll rate generation
--Firm ride quality without being harsh
--Externally adjustable/on car rebound adjustment
--The best shock for performance applications and/or lowering springs
--Rebuildable and Revalveable for custom setups
--Also known as “Koni Yellows”
--Lifetime Warranty
Look Real good! How much did you lower it?
Why do all the mods I want have to be sp darn expensive?:shigrin
This is the same suspension setup I've got (aside from me still using stock PHB) and it really is a night/day difference.

You and your son must have he man kung fu grip or something to get the spring compressed enough to get the top nut threaded onto the top of the strut without spring compressors.... I literally put my entire 180lb body weight onto the spring and the top of the strut (which was fully extended) didn't even begin to poke through the GT500 strut mount.
Just out of curiosity why not go with the FR kit?


First post, just got my GT this last weekend. :D The suspension "upgrade" is the first mod I want to do.
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