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Redline Leather Installed

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Hi all,
Installed some redline leather goodies for my '14 GT

Went with a plain OEM look.
Shipping took about 8 days to Canada
Install was easy by using gorilla super glue.
Ran into problem with shift boot being a little too long so I tried to cut it shorter & messed up bad... but thanks to great customer service from Mike, he gave me a nice discount for my mistake so I could order another shorter version- Which fit much better!

I threw on some of my Meguires leather cleaner & conditioner and they look (and smell) real nice!

I highly recommend anything from Redline goods. Great customer service, very high quality leather and a very reasonable price.
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Looks good, nice job!
You're right about Redline, a good quality company.
I like it!:grin:
looks good man! I got mine from American Muscle, I'm almost 100% certain they are Redline Goods
another +1 on Redline quality and customer service!!! :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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