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I have a 2002 gt with the mach 460 and just bought a pioneer DEH-150MP stereo to replace the stock head unit. I'm sick of the crappy stock mach 460 speakers and want to replace them. My first question can I use the stock wiring or do I need to rewire to all the speakers? Should I replace the stock amp or run the wires directly from the head unit to the speakers. Basically I listen to rap music and the stock speakers struggle with the bass so I want speakers that can handle the bass. Below are the specs on the head unit I bought. I'm looking to spend between 300 and 400 but would spend more to get something that will work good.

RMS Power Output
14 wattsPeak Output
50 watts RMS Power Bandwidth
20-20kHz Preamp Outputs
2-channel Sub Preamp Outputs
No Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs
Yes Preamp Voltage
2 volts
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