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replacing speedo cable

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Hey guys so my speedo cable was sitting on my headers for quite a few miles before i caught it, But it was too late it finally frayed and snaped so now i dont have a speedo.
Just looking for a write up on what needs to be removed to do the replacement ( dash, steering wheel,ect) thanks guys anything will help. Btw my stang has cruise control :bigthumbsup
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You need to remove the turn signal and head light switches by prying out gently with screwdriver.
Unscrew the column plastic and gauge cluster pieces.

You also need to remove plastic piece at drivers side need to get access to the lower screws.

Once you pop off the surrounding plastic the gauge cluster is held in by 4 more screws. Take them out and then pull cluster forward and you can reach behing and release the white plastic tab to the speedo cable.

Not bad job. Make sure speedo cable is secured so it doesn't lean on headers.... There is a small clip in the trans tunnel that should be holding the cable. Is yours missing?
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