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A juicy tidbit from comments made by a proxy for Unifor, the Canadian equivalent of the UAW which represents Canada’s Ford workers, suggests that a 6.8-liter engine may make its way into the Mustang.

The statement is anything but confirmation but does at least come from an official source that should have knowledge of the situation. The comments were found by Motor1, which noticed Unifor President Jerry Dias mention that derivatives of the 6.8-liter engine would be used in the Mustang and F-150.

The comments come on the heels of a deal that involves a $148 million investment in Ford’s Windsor plant, where 5.0-liter engines are made and where “6.X-liter” engines will also be made.

Although Ford has not officially revealed the engine yet, speculation persists that it will be a pushrod V8 similar to the 7.3-liter engine the company released last year. There are also rumors that it will be a V10, which would be cool but feels a little less likely.

It’s all a little muddy at this point, which makes confident predictions difficult, but whatever the case, the engine would be used for the next-generation Mustang, which is due in 2022, so we likely won’t know for a while.
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