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Well Folks, its happened. After a few weeks of smack talk, missed chances and general childishness Lee and I made it o Bell Island to settle the 3.8 vs 4.0 debate. The results were as follows

Race 1 Tom Lee

Reaction Time: .250 .744
Elapsed Time: 10.021 12.262

Race 2 Tom Lee

Reaction Time: -0.006(red light) 0.412
Elapsed Time: 10.158 11.662

So with Lee sleeping at the wheel for the first run and me jumping the gun on the second we ran against each other twice more to settle things.

Race 3 Tom Lee

Reaction Time: 0.149 -0.123 (red light)
Elapsed Time: 10.009 10.897

Race 4 Tom Lee

Reaction Time: 0.053 0.308
Elapsed Time: 10.027 11.156

So at the end of that Lee and I agreed that my car was about 1.5 seconds faster. With our differences put aside we turned our attention against the others cars present. I do no have Lees results but here are mine.

My next race was against a Monte Carlo of the late 1990's variety. Mr. Chev put up a fight but, lost with my 10.169 smashing his 11.637. What followed this has to be the big surprise of the day. A 2.2 liter Subaru Forest managed to pull 11.5 in two races. Thankfully my trusty 4.0 beat it both times with a 10.019 and my personal best of a 9.970.

So all in all this was a great day! The Bell Island crew were helpful and very supportive. The venue was gorgeous with the water in the background and the sun shining in. Most importantly, all cars and people were welcomed and everyone had a great time.


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Awesome guys, glad you made it over. Racing is like cocaine for car guys. So addictive. Hope your all pumped up to run the 1/4 mile in clarenville. 1/4 mile is amazing, you really get to feel the car more so the 1/8 mile.
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