The engine motivating the most powerful street-legal production Ford in history will soon be available as a crate engine. The company does not have a release date yet, but work has begun on making the Predator engine salable sans Stang.

“We’re in early control pack development right now to be able to run the engine,” Mike Goodwin, Ford Performance Product Manager of engines, drivetrain, and calibration told Ford Authority. “It’s a little simpler setup because it’s not full DI like the Gen 3 Coyote is, but we are working on that.”

Whether or not the GT500’s full 760 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque is not yet known, but it should simplify your ordering process if you’re looking for a supercharged Ford motor.

The question will then be whether you want the power of the Predator or the torque of the 572 cu-inch V8 that makes 655 hp and 710 lb-ft of naturally aspirated torque. Either way, it’s a very, very fun dilemma to have.