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Hi everyone,

Back in 2013 I crashed my stang into a bridge barrier at 25 mph. (Hydroplaned / Oversteered). Unfortunately frame is bent, but only from the radiator bracket and just until the front wheel struts. Other than the body work, the only thing that broke was the radiator coolant bottle and cold air intake filter!

Been sitting for two years ... now i'd love to fix it!
I'm fairly handy and have build a motorcycle before, but cars a whole new world to me.

Here is my plan
1. Get engine running
2. Put new wheels on to see it it drives straight
3. Take it to a shop to get frame fixed
4. Bring back and do the panel / body work myself.

Here is the damage. (front panels removed)

I think this is an interesting project and will teach me many new skills. I would love your help in doing this!

- Roman with a 2000 v6 manual base model convertible


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Starting it up!

So here is the first issue I ran into: starting up.

I charged the battery, put the key in and .... nothing, not even a starter click. There is (old) gas in it, and I pulled the plugs (this took forever) and turned the engine over by hand, so it's not stuck. I also checked to make sure I have spark - I do.

Should I put a couple of drops of oil in the spark plug hole to lubricate the cylinder?

From what I can see the 3.8v6 is fuel injected, and if I have spark, air and gas it should run! Maybe the starter went bad..

What should I try next?

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I would post this in the v6 Mustang Forumn area to get better response as this is for new member introductions rather than help/tech so it might go unseen by the right people.

Maybe a moderator will move this for you if you PM them or you might need to just start a new Thread in the v6 Mustang Forum area.

Good luck on the rebuild.

On another note dang that looks like a good amount of damage for a low speed crash at 25mph. I hope you get in running, fixed, and back to the road for a fun summer or fall.
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