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Returned my car to almost stock....

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Well, I have been wrestling with the idea of putting my cats back on, removing my tune and leaving the insert in the Airaid CAI. I did it this weekend and I couldn't be happier.

Here was the problem.

The ORX pipe makes great top end power with little or no noticeable loss in low end power. The problem is, the sound it makes is just very, very un-refined. At some RPM's I love the way the car sounded. At other RPM's it was just loud and did not sound good (to me). The cold starts are also loud as can be, and I have also been fighting a cold start rattle. Well, guess what. I put the cats back on and no cold start rattle. It's gone. Thank god.

The tune... Oh the tune. I will miss the tune the most. The tune was great sometimes, but there are three problems with the tune that I have. The first most likely could have been corrected with data logging, but who really knows. The car would not idle correctly on cold start. The engine almost warmed up at a lower RPM than what the factory set and it made the engine run and sound rough. The 2nd, it's not Ford's tune. While reading through the blown #8 threads one member of AFM said something to the effect of "Ford spent how much time/money programing and dyno'ing the engine, and your going to trust a tuner that spent an unknown amount of time/money tuning your car?" I think he was right. This is a different motor, it's new, it has new technology and I don't think it's ready for mail order programmers. That's my opinion. Some may argue, whatever. Last thing is, if tuners are causing number 8 blow outs than I don't want to be a part of it. If my engine dies after I put another 1-2K miles on it with the factory Ford tune, I think I will stand a much better chance of keeping my warranty than if I took it to them with a Bama tune. I think my engine runs great, but I'm still saving for retirement, I don't want to have to pull 7-8K from my savings for a new motor because I trashed it with a 400 dollar tune.

So, here I am. I still have the Airaid CAI and the GT500 mufflers installed and the car just seems much more civil to drive. It still rips and has great power plus it sounds much more refined and idles better all around.

Just thought I would share my experience with you all. I still love mods, I still have my tint, wheels, tires, ect... But I guess anymore it just seems like some things are there for a reason and Ford has them that way for a reason. I guess I like it the way Ford made it (for the most part)

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Well I think that its your lost lol. As long as you like the car I guess is alright. I would never do anything like that tho but that's just me hehe

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Do you feel a loss of horsepower?
Do you feel a loss of horsepower?
You know, not as much as I thought I would. Maybe the intake is helping to alleviate some of that, maybe not. The car still hauls balls. I don't just race the car, it's my DD. It has to be comfortable and feel/sound/run good for me. It just wasn't what I wanted when I had it the other way around.

And let's face it, I'm still faster than most SS Camaro's around anyway! :winks
If you're worried about paying out in the future should something bad happen, I think you made the smart move. I'm not tuning my engine either, 6 years from now I plan on going with the Ford FI setup, but then the car will be long paid for and just about out of warranty.

I'm sure you'll get truck loads of people who will come along and bash you for being a "scaredy cat" or w/e, but if their engine got bricked, and Ford denied them, they'd be the first person on here whining about it.

Good on you for being a responsible adult and making a tough choice.
I'm sure he can tell the HP loss after removing the tune but I kind of agree with him. I still haven't tuned my car and as the days go by I lean more towards not tuning it. One day I will install a SC tho, but that will be in the future, maybe when the warranty expires of I have enough back up money.
Car's plenty fast stock and pretty refined. I can understand keeping it stock as surprisingly the mod bug hasn't bit me yet as I'm liking it the way it is so far.
Car's plenty fast stock and pretty refined. I can understand keeping it stock as surprisingly the mod bug hasn't bit me yet as I'm liking it the way it is so far.
I was going to tune but not anymore. I decided to change my axle backs and speakers to change the sound of the car inside and out and I couldnt be happier.
youve already tuned it in Ford's eyes so you may as well get it retuned for the cai you have on it, you can still feel some nice gains with a tune and the cai. I added axle backs, Airaid cai, and the Bama tunes and thats about it for me, I can fully understand you removing the OR pipe. my OR pipe days are behind me, I grew outta that when I had my Fox. I cant stand the loudness anymore and I surely cant stand the OR pipe stench
I am myself sitting on a Ford Procal tune that is in my garage ready to go... but I am happy with my car the way it is and I am contemplating just leaving it the way Ford originally tuned it.
You guys all speak the truth. You all have good points. Yes, I once did have it tuned, but fact is, if I have an issue down the road I am a lot more likely to get things handled for me having it been stock then I would bringing it in Bama tuned. I guess for what I do, I have kind of grown out of the supertuned/charged/ORX/CAI super car phase. The car is much more enjoyable to drive as it sits now. It idles better, it sounds better, it gets good MPG, it still looks the same, it's still faster than a SS Camaro and it still goes like helll. What can I say, I'm satisfied.

Question for you guys. If you had an unlocked SCT X3, what would you ask for it? I'm selling this thing and buying my hood scoop :gringreen

Also, just to clarify; it's not all about the warranty. The TSB and warranty thing was the straw that broke the camels back. That and finding out Ford can easily see that the car was tuned. Damn you Ford damn you :nogrinner
Car's plenty fast stock and pretty refined. I can understand keeping it stock as surprisingly the mod bug hasn't bit me yet as I'm liking it the way it is so far.
Agreed 100%. Stock is pretty fast so mine is staying that way. Garage queen...I'd love to feel a nice tune in this car though but not willing to deal with the consequences. Cosmetic mods and mods in sig is all she's getting.
Yep, i gotta agree with the OP. I've been tossing around for the past year whether to get a tune or not and which one. Was real concerned about all the tune issue talk, i think the tsb sealed the deal for me to not tune it. At the end of the day, I'm not a racer. It's a daily driver for a middle aged man - get a grip. It may just be a little too early with this motor and technology yet to gamble, I'll let the dust settle for several years, then maybe reconsider instead of being an early adopter. In the mean time, I'm loving my GT500 axle backs. I'll do a few minor cosmetic mods. Hey, Stock 412HP, I'm happy, whats to complain about. Would still maybe like to get either an Airaid or Roush CAI using the stock tune just for eye candy at the cruise-ins and car shows one day. We'll see what happens.
Yeah, I have to say the tune was good. It produced good power, but it just didn't feel quite right with the idle being off and of course the x-pipe causing a cold start rattle is enough to drive someone crazy. I thought I might data log and see if could fix it for me, but what a PITA that is. Sending emails and files back and forth, and who knows, maybe it would have never been right.

Fact is, the car drives like a beast out of the box and I just can't get over thinking about how much time and money Ford put in to this engine. If I was to chose a tune now, I think I would do a FRPP tune. At least that way you get some kind of a warranty (12K miles if you do it yourself after delivery I think). I'm also sure FRPP knows a little more about making a proper tune than some of the other guys....

Also, one last thought for the night. If most tuners were left out of the ghost tune game, then it makes me wonder what else they have been left out on as far as tuning the engine for safe power is concerned. You know?
A very good read with well made arguments. I have not made any major mods to my car and the engine tune was going to be one of the last of them. However, after reading the recent TSB and some of the known issues, I doubt I'll be doing anything to my engine that will void my warranty. Suspension and other small upgrades are low risk, but playing the engine game can turn into big $$ (which is why I bought a Mustang instead of an M3!).

On a side note, I always hate the expression, "pay to play," but it's definitely true. However, this "pay to play" mentality can quickly come to a head when that person's engine is blown and they come back on these forums complaining that Ford won't fix their car under warranty (I know this doesn't include everyone that uses that expression). A bit of a double standard, if you ask me.

Anyways , thanks for the post.
Well, Im leaving my 94 octane tune in. And leaving the CAI, mufflers and aluminum driveshaft on.They are all made in North America. The only thing that bugs the hell out of me is that damn chinese transmission.Wish I could take that the hell out of there. I hope it doesnt give me any grief. :hihi:
Every time I get into my 100% stock car I'm impressed by it. Not just the power, but the refinement. Of course this goes out the window with my cold-start 5th gear grind, but you get the picture. :)

I'm far from rich, and therefore coming up with an $8,000 engine because I tuned it would eliminate my entire savings and put me in a position where I wouldn't have the cash reserve to provide for my family should something unforeseen happen. It's simply not worth it for me.

Good call on the return for stock and ditching the stinky pipes. :bigthumbsup
I test drove a 2011 GT with 3.55 rear axle before I decided to step it down and go with the V6. Honestly, if I had that GT, I wouldn't feel the need to mess with a potential tune. That thing was scary fast, and I knew it would be a ticket machine for me.

My personal opinion is that the V6 owners should have more of an itch for a tune than the GT owners. Also, the investment in the GT is that much greater as well as the 8th cylinder problem I've read about, making the warranty an even bigger concern.
You wanna play, you gotta pay.:hihi:
Talk about drama. You guys that sit up at night and worry about #8 cylinder problems are such a bunch of babies. Maybe you should avoid the highway or an airplane since it's dangerous. With a Bama 91 race tune, my Auto 5L wil NEVER go back to the crap that Ford put into her from the factory. Ford will deny you for warranty even if you did the "adult" or "responsible" thing and returned to stock 2,500 mile before your engine blew up. It's been previously tuned. End of story. I don't think they will give you a free pass just because you had an epiphany and "did the right thing" by returning it to stock. Give me a break already.
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