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Rewiring job: Basic questions

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I am looking forward to diving into the wiring of my 89 ford mustang. I've encountered quite a few electrical problems such as when I use my power windows I can see my RPM gauge drop by about 150 rpm. Odd? Yes. Also, my headlights like to act up and sometimes do not work at all. When they do though one acts like it isnt grounded and its always dim.

Anyway, to get to the point the previous owner toyed with the wiring and it looks like a rat nest under the hood. Before I start working on the engine I want to rewire this beast.

How big of a job am I in for?

Any suggestions before I start?

What tools will I need?

Do you suggest a new harness and all?

Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks.

All hail to the mustang! :worship
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i woul just go to a salvage yard and get the harnesses. ive done it before, but make sure you get it out yourself because the will hack it all up and leave out stuff, trust me i know from experiance. but its pretty easy to do:)
The issue with the windows is normal. The window motors draw a lot of amps when you hit the end stop. Watch the interior lights dim in any car when you operate the windows.
replace the window motor gearbox bushings, and make sure you pack them with fresh lithium grease. You can get them anywhere for less that $5.00 for a pack of 3. 3 will do 1 motor.
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